Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OK. So Welcome Kyle Hale.... spot #1 on my 'favourites' list!!
feel special? (probably not)

There are sooo (x infinity) many great photographers in the land and it is always a battle to determine your favourite as you find more and more to look at. But I have had this man (oh i love you) in my number one spot since before i even knew what a blog was. See the story goes...

One day i was lacking in drive and inspiration... and so i turned to the trusty world wide web and went searching for 'save the date' card inspirations on google...when i came across this blog TADA!...yep if you haven't seen KC & Sara's wedding and engagemnet photos then you are MISSING out! It was indeed love at first sight (cliche i know) when i saw their cards.
They just fit in so well with their personalities (as far as i know from reading their blog) and when i clicked to check out their photographer...well... I have to say, it definitily tingled! So this is what i am showing the photographers tomorrow. This is the sort of magic i want to burst out of their cameras!...Colour! Candid! Modern! NO CHEESE! even though i love cheese.. the eating kind that is...

Even though there is no way any of you could suggest someone i will love more than Kyle (besides the future hubby), i would still really love to hear some of your favourites for me to look at. *sigh* isn't photography grand!


  1. we love your blog! thanks for sharing.

  2. These photos are fantastic.

    I just love the "super couple" one.

  3. I just found your blog. I am photographer so I can recommend a whole host of wedding photographers - (i am not one and I am in australia) however - I have to say if you love a photographer.. then book them - no one else is going to shoot like them. They aren't even going to do very good copies. Every photographer sees the world the way they do. Good luck finding someone you love- my email is admin at if you want some names and suggestions.