Thursday, April 30, 2009

So we have finally chosen a photographer...

It was such a difficult decision because they were all so amazing, but we have finally decided to go with the fabulous Shona Henderson. Her photographs are truly beautiful and she has a personality to match as well. She showed such passion with her work and genuine interest in our wedding and I know that she will capture every tiny detail and emotion of our day perfectly. Its all very exciting!

I thought I would also mention the other photographers that I saw because they were also really really great and I would definitely reccommend Adelaide brides to be check them out also. The first photographer I saw was Claude Raschella reccommended to me by the lovely Jane Cameron of Wedding Style Guide.

And the Second photographer I met with was Andre from Scout Photographics. Brilliant fun guy with great photos to match.

Wedding Cars

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remember this wedding...?

(both images from Martha Stewart)

...Well I stumbled across Lena's flikr and thought I would post some more images of her gorgeous wedding. I Love that this wedding and reception was all outdoors. It has such a nice atmosphere and just feels like one big backyard bbq party.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have some drama in your life!

Poor Noa of Feather Love Photography was asked to take detail and guest photos of Spencer & Heidi's wedding reception (damn the Hills) by their event designer (Mint Julep Social Events), and the poor thing ended up getting yelled at and kicked out half way between cutting the cake because they thought she was uninvited paparazzi! I love her reaction though!..." but I’m not a paparazzi- I’m an artist!” Damn straight she is! Look at her photos!

Also read The Flash Dance blog for his side of the tale! and thank you to him for providing the names and sites of the vendors to which i have stolen....yoink!

Cake done by Sweet Gems
Floral arrangements done by Eggs Los Angeles

The Perfect Deck Chairs

Aren't they wonderful!
These are the deck chairs I mentioned (here) that we would have on the lawn behind the ceremony as a great little feature. They are from ici et la in Surry Hills, Sydney and I was meant to go a couple of weeks ago when I was in Sydney but unfortunately didn't get the chance. Next time i'll come home with just going to be really hard to figure out which two because there are so many gorgeous colours! Anyway, a big thank you to Mondo Cherry for the great image!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oh how exciting!

It is that time of the week(end) again when i get to share with you some of my favourite stationery from around the world wide web. Today's invitations are by cevd custom invitation studio and I picked these cute little invitations to show you because I really really really would like to have all our wedding cars in our wedding as vintage beetles (with mine and Jarrod's both being convertibles) either all white or all different colour pastels. Unfortunately I highly doubt we will be getting them because there seems to be no where in Adelaide that hires them out *sigh*. But anyway, if it were to happen, these would be the perfect invitations! Enjoy!

oh and check out the gorgeous envelope liner drawing in the last picture - love how simple it is!

love, love, LOVE it

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Blog

I have started up a new design blog so that i don't compromise the focus of this one by posting off the topic of wedding inspiration.

So if you love all things design (especially interiors) then check out Quirky Bird for daily design inspiration from around the globe.

x Gabs

Friday, April 24, 2009

When it rains...

(pictures from here and here)

I love to lie in bed, cuddle up with my cat and read a good book...
And after a stressful and intense few weeks, i finally gave myself that opportunity today. I love lazy days...

(Vegie in the bed)

Have a great weekend!

Old Love

Today photographer Shona Henderson shared with me a lovely (and sad) story about this couple Margaret and Cliffy...

Shona was told that Maraget never photographed well... but she assured them not to worry and that they would just relax and have some fun. Cliffy kept pulling faces to try and make Margaret laugh and ended up helping her to pull her own faces! Everyone was in stitches, especially Margaret! Shona said they were such a loving couple, always hugging and kissing and making each other laugh and said it was one of her most enjoyable photographic memories.

Unfortunately though, the day after the photoshoot, Margaret sadly passed away. Such an amazing and unexpected experience to be able to capture a person's last day, especially while they were laughing and having such a good time with their true love.

A few weeks later Shona gave Cliffy the collection of photographs from their shoot, and in tears he flicked through the images of his late love laughing and enjoying her last moments, with him.

Gosh...what an amazing keepsake

You can check out Shona Henderson's website here and her blog here.

Game of croquet anyone?

(photography by whitebox weddings)

Our ceremony will take place on the beautifully manicured lawn of our venue (here) and once we are husband and wife, just behind where the ceremony is will be an area set up for post-ceremony/pre-dinner drinks, champagne, pims, oysters, prawns and fruit skewers. It would be nice to have a three piece jazz band playing in the background, a couple of colourful deckchairs to relax in the late afternoon summer sun and a game of croquet to keep the guests entertained...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Home Grown Garden Wedding

I was keeping myself update on the hundreds of blogs I follow when I came across the blog of Seatle event coordinater Married & More with Michelle via Style Me Pretty. What gorgeous weddings! I was scrolling through only the first couple of pages of the blog, (full of amazing photographs) and found this wonderful garden wedding that was created for 'nature lovers' Margo and Clayton - set within a friends private garden in Seatle. So simple and just stunning... and you must check Married & More with Michelle's blog - it is filled with so much great inspiration! The photography for this wedding was done by Derek Pearson Photography and the flowers (my favourite bit) were organically grown by family friends - i love those little unique hand made/grown touches that seem to be coming more popular in weddings now, it just makes the wedding that much more personal...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rinka and Ink

I just realised then that in all my excitement and surprise in being asked to fly over to Melbourne and do a few days work, i forgot to do a 'stationery sunday' post which i have been bloody waiting to do all week! And i missed the last one because i was in Sydney for easter. So i'm posting it now quickly before i hop on my plane!

What i love most about this stationary by Rinka and Ink is the beautiful font, in fact i think i can safely say that it is in my top 3 favourite fonts (not that i know what font it is). I also love love LOVE the little pattern motif that runs through all the stationary...and how amazing does the envelope liner look!?

(all images found via Style Me Pretty)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Off to Melbourne tomorrow

Well i was hoping for a great week of blog posting to make up for my lack of last week, but it looks like i am being flown to Melbourne tomorrow for 3 days to do some contract design work for my old boss. It will be good to catch up with friends, eat cheese and drink wine and visit some of my favourite places. I hope it isn't too cold!

(picture from here)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The colours of eatable centrepieces!

I am in love with these fruity, vegetably, gardeny, creatively DIVINE centerpieces...

This sort of table setting would be so perfect for my wedding, but i am not sure how i would go about it...will the florist handle everything for me? Or will i have to visit the good ol' Adelaide fruit and Veg markets the day before?

(photography by Meg Smith Photography)

Have a Relaxing Weekend

I am going to try and have a relaxing weekend if it is at all possible... the daily stresses are starting to take a toll under my eyes, as my brother so kindly pointed out to me on the flight back from Sydney! Maybe Jarrod and I will head to the beach and snuggle up in the cold under a blanket.

(images from here and here)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mustache me please

Aren't these mustache napkins great! They would be such fun at a dinner party and i am sure the feature of many fun photographs.

Honeymoon Destinations - South Africa Safari

I have always wanted to go on a safari in Africa, and we have been considering it for our Honeymoon for a little while, only thing is, we would be going on our honeymoon 6months after the wedding (to save up some money) around June/July which is unfortunately winter in South Africa...14-20 degrees Celsius isn't really my idea of a honeymoon...(am i being unreasonable?)

But with the look of these two gorgeous hotels in South Africa, i am either considering changing the time of our honeymoon to be straight after the wedding in February or just going in the cold!

Makanyane Safari Lodge

Thanda Private Game Reserve...

All images via