Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oh how exciting!

It is that time of the week(end) again when i get to share with you some of my favourite stationery from around the world wide web. Today's invitations are by cevd custom invitation studio and I picked these cute little invitations to show you because I really really really would like to have all our wedding cars in our wedding as vintage beetles (with mine and Jarrod's both being convertibles) either all white or all different colour pastels. Unfortunately I highly doubt we will be getting them because there seems to be no where in Adelaide that hires them out *sigh*. But anyway, if it were to happen, these would be the perfect invitations! Enjoy!

oh and check out the gorgeous envelope liner drawing in the last picture - love how simple it is!

love, love, LOVE it


  1. Not sure if you would have any luck or not but why not try contacting a VW car club and asking people if they would drive you .. you could pay them and most would be pleased to show off their VWs.. it might work?

  2. yes, it is a good idea and i have thought of getting round to doing this at some stage. I am in contact with a lady who is also wanting white VWs, so if she finds something she'll hopefully let me know and vise versa.

    I guess i am a bit hesitant because there is risk in the finer details when not going through professionals, like consistency of quality, insurances, inexperience etc. It is just a matter of trust really.