Friday, April 3, 2009

venue run through

Reception Venue at Glen Ewin Estate by Scout Photographics
See that grass! How perfect would our first dance be there?!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day indeed! My dad flew in from Sydney this morning to come and see exactly why i was so determined to get married in Adelaide and not in Sydney (like he wanted). Bright and early tomorrow morning, myself, my dad, his girlfriend Jody, my brother Toby and two of my stunning bridesmaids (and fellow interior designers) will embark on a 30minute road trip to Glen Ewin Estate to show them around the decided wedding venue (both ceremony and reception).

What i am most excited about though, is that my two bridesmaids and i will be armed with sketchbooks and pens, and are going to have what we call a massive "bing" session a come up with all sorts of fabulous ideas for the wedding that will make it completely unique! I get so excited about design! eeek!

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