Friday, April 3, 2009

That First Dance

I have always wanted to dance by moon light. Just him and I...consumed by that moment.

That shall be our first dance as husband and wife...outside, under the stars guided by slight candle light... intimate and personal - like no one is watching. Lost in each other.

I never much enjoy being in the spotlight, everyone watching every move (or mistake) i make. Your first dance as man and wife is such an important memory to hold and I want to remember exactly how he looks at me, and how he smells when we are so close and i want to remember every little thing he may whisper to me in that moment, or maybe just be lost in our silence, trying to make that moment last for a life time.

It would be nice to be at a distance from the crowd...not far enough so they cant see us, and share that moment with us, but just far enough to be out of reach of their the oohhs aaahs and awwws (and probably giggles from the awkwardness of Jarrod and My height difference).

oh how wonderful that sounds.


  1. Beautiful photo. Fabulous concept.

    Your reception will be full of so may wonderful moments.

    So exciting.

  2. love this so much. STUNNING STUNNING image!