Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Love

Today photographer Shona Henderson shared with me a lovely (and sad) story about this couple Margaret and Cliffy...

Shona was told that Maraget never photographed well... but she assured them not to worry and that they would just relax and have some fun. Cliffy kept pulling faces to try and make Margaret laugh and ended up helping her to pull her own faces! Everyone was in stitches, especially Margaret! Shona said they were such a loving couple, always hugging and kissing and making each other laugh and said it was one of her most enjoyable photographic memories.

Unfortunately though, the day after the photoshoot, Margaret sadly passed away. Such an amazing and unexpected experience to be able to capture a person's last day, especially while they were laughing and having such a good time with their true love.

A few weeks later Shona gave Cliffy the collection of photographs from their shoot, and in tears he flicked through the images of his late love laughing and enjoying her last moments, with him.

Gosh...what an amazing keepsake

You can check out Shona Henderson's website here and her blog here.


  1. Oh that is just too cute!
    Thanks for your lovely comments. I think I'll post some more finer details of the wedding now that everything has calmed down.
    Have a great week.