Sunday, April 5, 2009

DIY envelope liners

definitely a favourite - stationary by Linda & Harriett

So i get jealous when i see amazing stationary. Especially in the details, like hand written calligraphy or personalised stamps to match the wedding theme... details i just know i cant fit in to the budget. I get most jealous though when i see gorgeous envelopes with amazing flecks of colour and pattern as you open them...yep...personalised envelope liners. So when i came across Lucky Me blog and found a post on DIY envelope liners with Canon's Creative Park i am pretty sure i woke up the whole neighbourhood with my WOOOOOOOOO! well it kind of sounded like that...


  1. what a great tutorial. i so love envelope liners.

    [lovely blog you have here!]

  2. I made my own envelope liners...they're super easy and oh so pretty!! You should definitely do it!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lucky Me! (Make sure to check out Creature Comforts too - she has so many wonderful DIY tutorials.)

  4. These are awesome! Liners add so much to boring white envelopes.

  5. Very lovely envelope. I would like to make one like that too.

    wedding stationary