Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Perfect Deck Chairs

Aren't they wonderful!
These are the deck chairs I mentioned (here) that we would have on the lawn behind the ceremony as a great little feature. They are from ici et la in Surry Hills, Sydney and I was meant to go a couple of weeks ago when I was in Sydney but unfortunately didn't get the chance. Next time i'll come home with two...it just going to be really hard to figure out which two because there are so many gorgeous colours! Anyway, a big thank you to Mondo Cherry for the great image!


  1. They are gorgeous! I'd love some of them too... but five would probably be a bit expensive?

    Good luck picking, so many beautiful stripes to choose from.

    x Amanda

  2. ici et la is actually in Paddington, Brisbane. I'm not sure about Sydney though, I have been to the Brissy store and drooled over all the gorgeous stripes. Not sure where you are located so this may be useless info anyway.

  3. ohhhh wait its in surry hills in Sydney whoops getting a bit confused!
    Im in Adelaide but frequently travel to Sydney.