Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chaise Lounges make for perfect pictures

I love this. I wish I had the finances to get a chaise lounge and put it in the middle of the lawn. I know there is one place that hires them out, but I cant justify $300 for a chair. hmmm Picnic rugs and deck chairs it is!


  1. Great news about the job Gabi!
    Do send an email!

    I love this precious image - how beautiful is the bridal gown and how cute are the flower girls giggling away!

    Diana x
    PS - thanks for the lovely comments about spoon on my blog - I'll tell chef Yianni that you're waiting for his lentil soup ;o)

  2. i think you should get the chair !!!!! arh if only - money SUX

  3. My Granny has a chair just like this! I'll have to keep it in mind for when my time comes!

  4. Wow, this is so beautiful and romantic! And the background is the dreamed scenery for my future wedding... Thank you for your blog, it's sooooo inspiring!

  5. I too love the look of indoor furniture outside or in a garden. This photo is absolutely adorable.

    Keep an eye out for the buy and sell - you may be able to get a great vintage piece on the cheap!!