Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Giants, Midgets and Pink Balloons

We couldn't afford to get a fancy photographer to take our photos so we got the next best thing... Meaghan - one of my gorgeous bridesmaids. She's so fabulous and great with anything to do with art and design so i was so happy that she could take some time out to do this for us. MASSIVE thank you.

So here are a few shots from the shoot...and yes he is 6"4 and i am 5"3...and yes our first dance will be funny (more of the height story another time though).

I forgot to mention that I love balloons especially Huge ones and i would love to bring balloons into the wedding decor.


  1. yay Meaghan!


  2. Just gorgeous! I love balloons, and them in Engagement Shoots seems to be the big hype right now.

    Lovely photos.

  3. Wow I LOVE these photos! The balloon is such a great accessory to every shot!


  4. Oh Meaghan, these are just gorgeous. Your friend did a fantastic job.

    I love your idea of using balloons in your wedding decor!

    How sweet would it be for flower girls or younger attendents to carry them down the aisle? Or, to have a balloon-lined aisle or dancefloor. Very cute idea.

  5. ohh im liking the balloon ideas you got going there!

  6. I love balloons. I also love these amazing engagement photos. Nice!