Monday, March 23, 2009

Liza Emanuele

A girlfriend of mine got very excited when i mentioned that i wanted to get my wedding dress made... a one of a kind that means something more to me than just a dress to look pretty in. She told me to get onto Adelaide fashion designer Liza Emanuele straight away.

What a wonderful woman! So energetic! i only really spent a few minutes on the phone with her but she sounds great and whats even better she is going to sketch me up a dress (no obligations) and work to whatever budget i throw at her (which is good because i am someone who cant really justify spending $5000 on a dress I'll wear only once. but that is me).

you can visit her website here - she is new to the bridal market, but i have no doubt that she will soon become a hit judging by the gowns on her site.

She's traveling around Australia in the next few weeks so i will meet with her mid April. so exciting!

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