Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheese! Glorious Cheese!

Hi my name is Gabrielle... and I'm a cheese addict...

I really am.

I struggle not to eat cheese every day, in fact, i think i do eat cheese every day - how am i supposed to get bride fit with that sort of addiction! TERRIBLE!

To me, there is nothing better than sitting outside in the shade on a summers day with my favourite glass of Oyster Bay Sav Blanc in one hand and a cheese knife in the other for that assortment of glorious cheese in front of me! And JUST cheese is never enough. No! my palate has matured to include the necessities of cured meats, olives, grapes, pear, figs and quince oh and maybe a bit of crusty bread with good olive oil. *drool*

photo by Amelia Santos via Deviantart

Ok so the point of this blog entry isn't to make me hungry, it actually has a point...
(besides that i need to get back on track with this blog and keep you all informed about my inspirations and wedding plans)... the point is I want, no no, NEED (bridezilla) a cheese table. A MASSIVE ONE with huge wheels of cheese and fruit and meats and figs and oooohh! just wonderful! In fact i am more set on having a cheese table that i am about anything else really.

But now i have to think about WHAT cheeses to have? any suggestions??

photo via Sweet Paul (blog Love)

PS...tried this out (honey and figs on a double cream king island brie) TO DIE FOR! plus it looks very impressive and everyone suddenly thinks you are an amazing cook because you know how to dribble honey. GENIUS!


  1. Do you have any cheese & wine specialty shops nearby? You could do a wine & cheese pairing for your happy hour. We have a place nearby that has amazing choices. My favorite was a mustard-infused cheese. Yum!

  2. Oops... meant cocktail hour, not happy hour!

  3. MUSTARD CHEESE! oh god! yum!
    i am not sure i will have to do some research, there is bound to be somewhere i am sure.

  4. OK, first of all, my name is Courtney and I am [also] a cheese addict. Second, Oyster Bay is my most favorite wine ever. [Have you tried the Monkey Bay sav blanc? It's also wonderful]. Third, crusty breads with oil and vinegar are also a weakness. So lets meet in France, ok?

    I love your idea of a modern cheese table. Baked brie, goat cheese rolled in poppy seeds, wheels of cheese... I could go on and on. Fresh fruits and breads would make this perfection in my eyes.