Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I have cake samples sitting in a little box in front of me which Emma from Ruby's Cakes just dropped off... Why are they not in my belly you ask? Well because I have banned myself from eating them until after dinner (damn me!). Anyway, I found Emma at a bridal expo a while ago and her cake sample was the best there by far, so moist and it had that texture that melts in your mouth. I must say she is a lovely lady AND she said she would do a coconut lime cake for me to taste (as a special request because its my favourite flavour) which would be PERFECT for summer.

Anyway we are looking at a cake with horizontal stripes the same colours as the table runner or possible some sort of floral design. Arg! its so hard to make up your mind on what design you want, AND to make it harder I bet Jarrod and I are going to really struggle on choosing a flavour!
photo by Martha Manning

I should probably mention also that we're having a cakes table like above (cant wait to use my glass cake stands I've been collecting!) and then just having a small cake to eat with family the next day but to have on display for photos and cutting. There is nothing worse than spending $800 on a cake to feed 150 people and then no one touches it because they're either too full or too busy dancing.


  1. Mmmm... so many options! but I think the idea from the picture is great... a little piece from each cake... and you can choose 5 flavors!!

  2. Well i didnt mention (which i will go back and edit) that I am having a cakes table with all sorts of tarts, cheesecake, etc as well as the cake.

  3. I've just been to my best friends wedding last week where she had a cake table/buffet (theme vintage pink). She had a hundred guests and 4 cakes, 2 x cheesecakes, marsbar cake and a triple layer caramel mudcake (which I made). What was so lovely was that each cake was made by one of her friends and displayed on vinatge cake stands (I bought mine from Ebay for $7! Was a circa 1950's depression glass crystal piece).

    Needless to say there wasn't a crumb left! She also had a lolly buffet afterwards for take home favour boxes.