Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kate and Chris

Well I am rather excited about this wedding... why you ask? Because of the DRESS! Alex Perry, I love you! Just thought I would make that public. Anyway take a look at this gorgeous gown and country wedding. The bride Kate did everything herself and the wedding was held in Booligal which is two hours out of Griffith in New South Wales (Aus). How great is their getaway car and the cute little church! Thank you so much to Nerida McMurray for sending me these wonderful photographs.

Dress: Strapless, empire-line gown made from floral silk by Alex Perry.
Venue: Kate’s parents private property in Booligal, NSW.
Florist: Flowers at Heart (I have no more info on that)
Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat from Evelyn Miles
Stationary: Papier d’Amour
Cake: Jill Hayes Catering


  1. Oh.My.God! Stunningly beautiful dress, but the hair piece! I must know about it!

  2. I shall ask Nerida if she knows any more about the head piece.

  3. GORGEOUS! I am absolutely loving the headpiece, too. So refreshing to see unique wedding style. Great car!

  4. headpiece info please! :) totally in love with it.

  5. Hi gals,
    Headdress was by the fabulous Neil Grigg Millinery 02 9361-5864 (no website as yet). He used the same fabric as the dress :-)

  6. Just came over from Bonnie's site, had to have a look at this wedding. What style and originality, just love it.


  7. I love that dress! Wow! What a great way to do your own thing.