Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help! How do they do it? I want it!

I love this stationary that couple Aaron and Pernel had for their wedding. I would love to do something cute like this, but my question is... Where can I find cute borders like on their stationary?? Do people find them online? If so, where? Or do they do them themselves? If so how? Please someone tell me!
(photography by Hugh Forte found via Once Wed)
Oh and these sorts of borders.... WHERE DO I FIND THEM??? They're so pretty


  1. oh goodness i loved their stationery so much too. i think the bride may have designed it...

  2. Gabrielle- email me and I'll tell you where to find stuff like that!

  3. Have you checked out the freebie sites like IDIY and even Wedding Chicks? They have a ton of free downloads like that!

  4. Personally I usually do that sort of thing myself in illustrator, is really simple and quick.
    you could always search somewhere like they are reasonably cheap and can be altered when needed but you need to search vector for illustrator files.
    if you are looking for something thats your own or individual I can do this sort of thing quickly cheaply contact me on

    Good luck

  5. I searched high and low to find out and I couldn't, but my soon-to-be father-in-law designed and invite for us by scanning a paper doily into the computer and kind of tracing it on adobe! it turned out nicely.

  6. Go to and search this number: 6593417 . It's the exact oval posted here as well as several rectangles. Costs 10 istockphoto credits. Love your blog!!