Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another charming engagement shoot

I love the tradition of engagement photo shoots, it isn't that popular here in Australia. It may have something to do with the differences in wedding budgets between the two countries. Gosh I would LOVE to do work experience with a wedding designer in the U.S. Somehow my and my new business partner's role (once we are fully up and running) will be to convince the brides of Adelaide that spending money on a wedding planner/designer iespecially ones as creative as us :) ) is worth while, and we don't need to spend a year or two's salary on their wedding. Anyway back to the topic of engagement photo shoots... There seems to be a 'space race' I guess you could call it, for who can come up with the most creative photo shoots. I have posted my favourites a while ago here and here and now this (along with the photo shoot in the post below) is a new addition to my favourite engagement photos.
I love these photos of laying out the picnic rug...hmmm perfect for my summer picnic wedding...might have to nick the idea! I can't help it if Erin Hearts Court are so creative it makes me jealous!

photography by Erin Hearts Court found via Rock 'n Roll Bride