Friday, July 17, 2009


Here are the fabrics I am using for the table runners and other touches around our wedding (I have posted them before but the colours weren't right in the photo). The hessian will go underneath the stripe in a wider runner. I think I am also going to make a few cushions out of the stripe to go on the white picnic rugs outside - or maybe have the stripe as the picnic rugs..hmmm...
I am not sure how my choice of flowers is going to go... I might have to change the colours slightly to match...

Anyway, I got this amazing bunch or oriental lilies from Jarrod's mum for getting my honours and they have opened up so beautifully, I have never seen so many flowers - in the bunch there are 14 flowers!


  1. The beautiful colors remind me of sorbets and gelatos; perfect for summer

  2. I just love the stripe fabric - I'm not sure if you have mentioned this before, but would you mind sharing where you got it!!

  3. if you are in Australia, I got it in the home wares fabric section of spotlight, same as the hessian. There are some gorgeous canvas stripes there.

  4. I love your colors. And your blog too. :)

    - Alixe