Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brown Sugar Design

Today's travel/ destination wedding themed stationery is from Brown Sugar Design. I love maps, always have, so I get very excited when I see things like this. I used to have a map of Asia hanging next to my bed when I was little and used to try an memorise all the countries to get to sleep. I love how simple this invitation package is, they have concentrated beautifully on the colours in the map and vintage postcard by pairing them with really simple and delicate black text on neautral card.


  1. Hey there
    I am loving your blog. I am engaged and from Adelaide also, thought you might like the following dinnerware!

  2. oh that's so great! haha
    thanks for that one.
    I would love to hear about your wedding plans! Are you getting married here?

  3. Yes planning to marry in Adelaide too. I haven't sorted out much at this stage, too much trawling over beautiful blogs :)

  4. well if you want to know some good vendors i would be happy to help. you can email me on Where (venue) are you planning to get married and have your reception?