Friday, June 4, 2010


Tomorrow Jarrod and I finally begin our honeymoon! First stop London to see my family who couldn't make it to the wedding and to catch up with some of our ex-pat friends, I cant wait to go on my Soho shopping spree! I have been saving for ages to do this! We are in London for 5 days, 2 of which are in the lovely country setting of Sommerset to see my Granny. Then we hop on a train and head to Paris for three romantic nights then we fly down to Nice where we will hire a car, and drive for 1 and a half hours west to Feyance in the picturesque hills of the Provence where we will spend 4 glorious days lying by the pool in the most beautiful house all by ourselves. Got to love having the kindest most generous family friends lending us their holiday house! Then from there we fly to Rome for the last three nights of our trip then head home to reality. Cant wait to lose ourselves in Europe for a while!

See you all soon!

Oh and keep a look out for us in Wedding Style Guide!



  1. Jealous!

    Have an awesome time.

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