Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back from the Honeymoon!

What a trip! I cant wait to post some of the photos. But that can wait. Right now I have more exciting news...Very very soon (any day now) we will start posting on Mary&Gabrielle pictures from Jarrod and my wedding. But because there are so many, it will probably have to be done in a series starting with us getting ready and so on. Also, more exciting news, 100 Layer Cake will be posting about the wedding on their blog too (one of my very favourite for inspiration), so stay tuned to their blog also! And if you don't already know, the Wedding Style Guide's newest issue is out! It is a very surreal feeling seeing yourself in a magazine... strange.


  1. Hi Gabrielle!

    I found your lovely blog after I met you a couple of weeks ago, hope you had a wonderful honeymoon.

    Sarah xo

  2. I curled up with my copy of Wedding Style Guide last night. Apart from all the gorgeousness, it also looks like the most fun wedding ever!!

    Congrats on the feature in the mag and on 100 Layer Cake. xxoo