Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another year, another birthday.

Well, today I'm 24.

It seems like only last year I was leaving home at 18 to study and suddenly six years have gone by! I've finished four years of study and got honours, I met the man who I will spend the rest of my life with, My mum passed away, I've gotten engaged, I've been to Melbourne and back to work, I been through three jobs in the past three years and I'm getting married in 7 weeks. It seems like I have been through a lifetime in the six fastest years of my life (not that I have really lived many years)!

So far I have had a wonderful day shopping, eating and relaxing with Jarrod and now we're listening to Jason Mraz' live album (such a great summer album) and about to open a bottle of South Australian Riesling and sit outside on my new outdoor setting. This is the life. I have it all, and I'm only 24.


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  1. happy birthday <3

    sounds like a super busy 6 years. ooooh your wedding is so soon! can't wait to see pics


  2. You marry in seven weeks.
    Please happy marriage.

  3. exactly, ONLY 24... not jealous at all miss Gabrielle. Happy Christmas, happy belated birthday, and happy 'only a few weeks til your wedding its so exciting!' xxx

  4. You lucky thing you! All the best for everything!