Saturday, September 5, 2009

Searching for Sporadic Surprises

I work with a lovely lady, Diana. A little cheeky at times! but a great designer and good fun to work with. And the other week I found out she too has a blog... Searching for Sporadic Surprises, a very lovely blog actually that I definitely recommend you pop over and have a look at. But what is more... is that she also has an esty shop called Clothcake and makes the most adorable pictures and baby clothes (perfect for gifts) with cupcakes on them. These are two that I want to get for my little niece!


  1. Oh thanks Gabrielle! How nice of you - I think your blog's fab too!

    PS - I think that a shop like Knack Studios would work in little old Ads! You should check out the shops on Elizabeth Street in Croydon or, if you're up for the drive, go to Little Bird in Port Elliot! I think you'd like them!