Monday, May 17, 2010

I do need to apologise

I have neglected my blog yet again.

Now I don't know if it is the weather, or something in the Adelaide water, but I have been quite unmotivated lately. After slaving away at work I barely have enough energy to change the channel on the TV remote. Don't get me wrong I am LOVING work at the moment. I have designed 2 schools, 2 offices and a waterfront restaurant and all in 5 months and am excited that I am gaining my bosses trust in my designs (which is hard to do when you are new to a firm no matter what you have done in the past). I am just in one of those phases where I feel quite run down all the time and it is rather annoying!

There is so much to do for Mary&Gabrielle, Mary has been wonderful in keeping our blog afloat! I have been trying to get all our quotes right and figuring out our GST calcs and how we keep our records and I am now trying to get together our business plan which we really should have done months ago. Its all very excited that things are coming together and we have got some great clients on the books already!

So now, from today, I need to get motivated again, get inspired again and get back to my life again! I only have 3 weeks till my honeymoon in Europe so there is no excuse to squeeze the last remaining energy I have left and get fit healthy and motivated!

Hope you are all well!


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  1. I'm hearing you! I am loving my job and all is going well at the moment, but I'm just so tired and busy and have seriously neglected my blog world! It must be something in the Adelaide water!