Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a week so far!

And its only just started!

Yesterday I was at the airport at 8am to pick up my maid of honour and her partner, but on the way almost ran out of petrol (which is one of my biggest fears for some reason), then I had to rush to drop them back at my place, rush to Jarrod's mum's house to pick her up at 9am and take her to the venue (45 mins away) by 9.30 to have a meeting with the venue managers to discuss the final details with them. Then I had to rush back to drop her off home (almost running out of petrol again) quickly pick up my maid of honour, take her to her hotel in the city, then rush to meet my dad and grandma at the airport at 12.30. It doesn't stop there.

Then I had to pick up my dress on the way, take my dad and grandma to their hotel back in the city where I did get to relax for a couple of hours, tried on the dress (LOVE) ate some food because I hadn't eaten all day and spent time with my grandma who I hadn't seen in 2 years (lives in England). BUT then I had to quickly zoom off to meet my maid of honour to get her shoes that I put on hold, which to my frustration the shop had decided to take them off hold and sell them! SO now she has different shoes eek!

F*** it no time to panic. Then I had to drive down to the beach to pick up my real (biological dad) and step mum who are down from England to take them back to my house in time for the wedding rehearsal at 6. Everyone made it on time, except my step dad (who raised me since I was one so he's walking me down the aisle), brother, and grandma. Why? Because my brothers car decides to shit itself in the middle of town and they had to wait for the car people to come fix it. ARG!

In the end (and no hair on my head later) they all arrived, we ran through their bits of the wedding and all went and had pizza.

Last night after the rehearsal my step mother had to tell me that I need to stop trying to run around pleasing everyone otherwise I wont please anyone and I'll burn out by the time of the wedding. She's right. It has been such a stressful and rushed couple of days, trying to pick people up from the airport on time, getting to vendor meetings on time and finishing all the little bits and bobs I need to do. And although I am pulling my hair out that today is a public holiday for Australia Day and all the shops are closed, it is really a blessing in disguise because it means I can relax for the day with Jarrod and spend some time with him getting those little bits and bobs done.

relax Gabi. x


  1. Hi Gabi,
    Reading this reminded me of my own pre-wedding week. I.E stressful and totally unfun!
    I know it is going to be tough... but try to chill out. And please, remember to eat- you want that dress to fit perfectly!!
    Good luck!
    Bonnie xx

  2. Yes, relax,relax Gabi... As a mother of a grown up girl I would say this to my daughter... Let them organise their transport - I am sure that they will all be happy to do so especially during this final week!
    Do so adore your blog - have looked back through it and so glad I found it before your big day..! Happy Australia Day to you.
    Sarah (Semi Expat)

  3. whew, intense!
    all the best and happy australia day ^_^

  4. whoa gabi. i'm stressed just reading about it, haha.

    without a doubt it'll all be worth it.

    can't wait to see pics of your beautiful day xx

  5. Sounds exhausting! Hope you have a nice chill out day today. I look forward to hearing all about your beautiful day xx

  6. Just get started on the champagne a little early and try to relax at least a bit! I wish you a wonderful day which you can really enjoy and I am SOOO looking forward to the pics!
    Cati Basmati