Friday, October 16, 2009

Off to Thailand for the week.

Well I have had an awful week and now I get to jet set off to Phuket with the love of my life tomorrow, for our friend's wedding and a good solid week of carefree relaxing with close friends. I love nothing more than lying in the sun reading a good book and I finally get to do that after God only knows how long! Gosh, it is going to be really tough being me in the next week!

Have a great weekend and rest of the week! Be back next Sunday!

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  1. i hope you can get some relax there. congrats for your friends =)

    PL ♥

  2. Lucky you! That is our next choice of destinations; hope you have a great time.

  3. Can I contact you via email and ask a question? Thanks!

  4. Gabrielle - I think you might like this

    Diana x

  5. Colleen of course you can contact. My email is

  6. It's beautiful scenery!
    I read a book here, too and want to be relaxed.
    I seem to be able to spend the very good weekend.